Samples are to be delivered to MGS via courier at the clients own expense. Within New Zealand samples are to be delivered by domestic overnight courier service for express next day delivery, and international deliveries are via international courier services arranged by the client. Samples are to be delivered on dry ice in liquid form for RNA samples or on ice packs in liquid form for DNA samples. If international deliveries are made on dry ice then it is a requirement that the dry ice is replenished during shipment to prevent thawing of samples.

Samples MUST be delivered to the following address for Illumina MiSeq™ sequencing:

Massey Genome Service

Massey University

c/- IFS Inwards Goods

Science Tower A, Level 1,

Columbo Road

Turitea Campus

Palmerston North, 4410

New Zealand

Attention: Xiaoxiao Lin

Samples may be hand delivered to the service if you are situated locally and are able to do so.

Samples MUST be put into either 0.5mL or 1.5mL screw cap or flip lid microtubes, wrapped with parafilm. Label the tube(s) with the client party contact, NZGL contract number, sample name, total amount of sample (µg) delivered and volume (µl) if in liquid form. Sample tubes MUST be put into a 50mL falcon tube(s) and packed with clean tissue for safe delivery to prevent/minimize possible breakages. Seal the 50mL falcon tube(s) with parafilm. If samples are being sent in dry form the falcon tube(s) MUST also be bubble wrapped.

International Deliveries

International customers when sending DNA or RNA samples for sequencing MUST send with your sample(s) our Import Permit for importing materials of a biological nature into New Zealand. This must be attached securely to the outside of the parcel so that it is available for customs inspection, along with written details as to the content of the parcel. Please write the following note to be sent with the import permit: “Purified DNA (or RNA), non-hazardous, non-infectious, and non-viable.”

New Zealand has very strict import regulations, and the import permit must be present with the sample(s) for customs inspection. The biological import permit is updated regularly, so each time the client comes to send samples please e-mail for Illumina MiSeq™ sequencing to ask for the most recent permit. Once courier arrangements have been made, please e-mail through tracking information along with the following information:

Client’s organisations name, address and your contact details.
Name of the courier company the client is using and their contact details.
Date the parcel was sent.